Re: setting up ROUTE for new interface on VNX 5200

Thanks Rainer for picking up this for us. We have a new eNAS installed recently, but when we created interfaces which are used for CIFS filers. We found the eNAS would automatically create a route for it, just like kevlee mentioned in the topic.

For example, we create:

interface with ip – vlan43, it will automatically create a route to via

interface with ip – vlan143, it will automatically create a route to via

interface with ip – vlan 243, it will automatically create a route to via

our DNS/AD is – vlan 50

The physical link between eNAS and Ethernet switch is running with 802.1Q. For each VLAN, it’s gateway is on the switch side.

I suppose we should tell eNAS that the gateway IP of each VLAN, but we couldn’t as the system automatically created route is already there (192.168.10x/24 via 192.168.10x.43)

Per your advise we define a default route per data mover, in that case, the eNAS knows how to forward the traffic out, but each traffic has a VLAN id tagged with it, the switch/firewall will drop the packet because the VLAN id.

In theory, host x (vlan x) need to talk to host y (vlan y),

the traffic flow is: host x -> gateway-vlan x -> gateway-vlan y -> host y

If we define as the gateway (, we have no issues for the communication of, but how about and The packets will be dropped because of VLAN id.

Either our deployment/understanding has something wrong, or we should be able to define gateway for each interface, such for vlan 43, for vlan 143, for vlan 243.

I know each physical DM has a default/global CIFS server for antivirus, etc. I think that default route should be for that default/global CIFS server. But how about the other cifs servers on VDMs? do we have a way to define gateway/defaultroute for each of them?




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