Re: Step Properties – Continue on to next step – Script Equivalent

Hi karthikeyanr,

There is a lot of info on this in KB’s and documentation. Some KB’s that may help;

000331691 – “What is improved in the error handling in CaptureFlow Designer in Captiva”

000447750 – “How do we implement error handling in Captiva Designer in 7.0”

And white paper found at Has good info on error handling and explains in detail.

So basically when the “Continue on to the next step” is set in the step properties, then when an error occurs, the finish subroutine of the code behind dll is called, and it is then up to the designer to write script to handle the error rather then letting the Capture Server use it’s default error handling routine. The default error handling is that the task is retried up to 3 times, then the task is in error and requires an Administrator to clear the error and retrigger the task. The script designer must interrogate the output IA Values for the module in question such as ErrorCode and ErrorText to determine the course of action. Then may use the WriteBatchProperty(Hold, 0 or 1) to either put batch on hold or let it go to next step.

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