Re: Trying to Run Appsync where Source has Copy Session Active

Trying to run Appsync .Job where source is a SRDF/A pair with a Gold Copy session active.

When job runs it error with

2,Wed 04/26/2017 01:34:57 PM,Create local copy,”VMAX operation failed. Error: string ErrorDescription = “”C:ERROR_CLASS_SOFTWARE F:ERROR_FAMILY_FAILED R:3588 file: SymStructBase.cpp line: 127 func: com::emc::cmp::osls::se::symm::impl::SymStructBase::throwOnSymError errcode: 3588 sym err: Cannot use the device for this function because it is a Copy Session source message: Job failed””;.”,

This was not an issue with Replication Manager.

Anyone else run into this?



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