Re: uemcli script for CIFS share

Example :

00:16:44 service@spa:~> uemcli -no /stor/prov/fs create -name fs02 -server nas_34 -pool pool_2 -size 3G -type cifs

ID = res_82

Operation completed successfully.

00:17:51 service@spa:~> uemcli -no /stor/prov/fs/cifs create -name sharefs01 -fs res_82 -path /fs02

Operation failed. Error code: 0x900a002

The system could not find the specified path. Please use an existing path. (Error Code:0x900a002)

Job ID = N-2687

00:18:23 service@spa:~> uemcli -no /stor/prov/fs/cifs create -name sharefs01 -fs res_82 -path /

ID = SMBShare_76

Operation completed successfully.

After creating the /fs02 under the FS by accessing the above mapping :

00:26:51 service@VIRT1647BL5L3F-spa spa:~> uemcli -no /stor/prov/fs/cifs create -name sharefs02 -fs res_82 -path /fs02

ID = SMBShare_77

Operation completed successfully.


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