Re: VNX5100: SPA blinking amber rapidly while SPB blinking blue rapidly

Hello! i’ve just recieved this SAN i found that there were some config on it, and i decided it would be a good idea to factory reset it/reimage it.

After letting it sit for around 2-3 hours reimaging the system, i decided to reboot it.

When rebooting it, both SPA and SPB start blinking amber (normal) but then, SPB continues to boot (changes color to blue while flashing), but SPA is stuck in the amber fast blinking…

after letting them run for about 3 hours, there is no change. SPB blinks fast blue and SPA blinks fast amber.

I don’t have any support contract as this is for homelab-testing.

If anyone is still active when it comes to these discussions, any help would be appreciated!!


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