Re: VSS Error

kd11, did you ever locate a solution? Im having the same issue. Im running a fairly recent version (, and this is a just filesystem backup of a windows server. But, whats odd in my case is that its ONLY the Z drive, and it ALWAYS fails, without exception. There are 9 other drives on the server that back up cleanly. I see nothing unique about that Z drive, but its the only one that fails.

5388:save: Failure status of writer DFS Replication service writer – FAILED_AT_FREEZE

5386:save: VSS failed to take the snapshot.

The writer’s timeout expired between the Freeze and Thaw events. (VSS error 0x800423f2)

80517:save: Snapshot attempt number 2 of 3 will occur in 10 minutes.

VSS OTHER: ERROR: VSS failed to process snapshot: A function call was made when the object was in an incorrect state

for that function (VSS error 0x80042301)

90108:save: Unable to save the SYSTEM STATE save sets: cannot create the snapshot.

94693:save: The backup of save set ‘Z:’ failed.


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