Restoring an old client VBA backup which is removed from vcenter

Dear Experts!

In our environment customer want to recover old vmware vba backups from tape to the vcenter.

We have vcenter 5.5 and we have some vm-s. (only five)

However we backed up a lot of vm-s and it is successfully cloned it to the tape.

Now we want to recover data from tape with ebr to the vcenter.

The ebr recognizes the tape which is in the drive, and successfully start a recover, and we got the following error

in the Networker:

Clone operation failed with error:

‘Policy name is not available for the saveset vm: 500988r-4000-00344-r784r-748:ghgvcenter.local.corp’

I tried also to clone manually from tape to dd, but it still gives this error.

The VBA policy isnt contains that client, which is removed from vcenter earlier.

I cannot edit policy in NW 9.0.


– How can i restore that client? Should i create manually with mccli commands?

Thanks in advance:



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