SanCopy LUNs from NS-480 to Unity


Two separate physical Windows 2008 Enterprise running MSCS (four servers total, two in each cluster)

SQL Server clusters (Active / Passive) in both environments.

PowerPath (6.0 SP2) installed on all four Windows 2008 Enterprise servers.

Have SanCopy incremental update sessions configured within NS-480 storage array (source) for all LUNs currently presented to SQL servers noted above. Successfully ran SanCopy sessions to LUNs on Unity storage array (destination). No errors.

All Windows 2008 Enterprise servers currently connected in “old” SAN along with NS-480 storage array. Will migrate servers to “new” SAN connecting to Unity Storage array.

Know how to perform server cutover into new SAN and Unity storage array.

Currently, PowerPath (6.0 SP2) install on all Windows 2008 Enterprise servers “see” and displays the NS-480 (CLARiiON) storage group membership.


When I perform the server cutover, will PowerPath figure it out with regards to Unity storage array when zoned, registered, and LUNs masked?


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