ScaleIO: How to prevent certain ScaleIO nodes from being upgraded by the Installation Manager

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In certain cases customer wants only to upgrade only part of the ScaleIO system (i.e. due to split back-end and front-end management networks); by default IM will fetch the list of all ScaleIO nodes and will try to upgrade them all, which might fail if there is no communication between the IM and these nodes (on purpose).

In such a case, we can instruct the IM to ignore certain cluster elements from the upgrade (for example, in 2-layer configuration we might want to ignore all SDCs).


As per ScaleIO Installation Guide, change the /opt/emc/scaleio/gateway/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/ file in the following way:

To exclude some nodes while upgrading with the Installation Manager, list the IP addresses to ignore on the im.ip.ignore.list line. 
Example: im.ip.ignore.list=,,... 

Please note that only use of the full IP addresses is supported – there is no option to use wildcards or subnets.

After the change restart the gateway service.


Before the change:

User-added image

Added following to the ignore.list and restarted the GW:


After the change:

User-added image


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