ScaleIO – Unable to upgrade SIO using Gateway “Could not connect to…”

Article Number: 488740 Article Version: 2 Article Type: Break Fix

ScaleIO 2.0.1,ScaleIO 2.0.0,ScaleIO 1.32.6,ScaleIO 1.32.5

Trying to upgrade ScaleIO from 1.32.x to 2.0.0.x using the Gateway/Installation Manager fails with:

Command failed: Could not connect to <IPs>. Ensure that the relevant service is running and that the server can communicate with the node.

The step that failed was at “switch to single mode”


User-added image

The Gateway/Installation Manager MUST be able to connect to ALL IPs on the configuration. If any IP is not reachable (ie. Managerment IP), the upgrade will fail.

In this situation, the customer was not able to communicate with the Management IPs.

Make sure that the Gateway/Installation Manager is able to communicate via ALL the IPs configured.


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