shrinking vplex voulmes


I have one query about shrinking vplex voulmes since we have vPlex with Local configuration .

As I have EMC Unity back end array where in 4TB LUN created and presented to ESXI host via vPlex. Since I expanded LUN size from 4 to 6TB from back end array and then from vplex discovered New LUN Size and also i m able to see new size from vMware ESXi host under datastore properties .(I have not extended yet new size of storage from vmware datastore)

But for some reasons, now I have to shrink the LUN size back to original LUN Size(from 6TB to 4TB),so please can someone help how to shrink volume/LUN from vplex and back end array respectively .

Below are few more details to understand setup.

Vplex: Vplex Local v6.0

Single Cluster

2 Directors

Back end array is EMC Unity

No recovery Point configured .

Thanks in advance for your support.


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