This Month in Spring – December 2, 2019

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Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another jam-packed This Month in Spring! Happy holidays to you and yours! It’s also the busy end of conference season, with people all around the world getting in their last-minute learning done before the new year (and, for at least some, before the training budgets run out!). I’ve been keeping busy. Since we last talked, a month ago, I’ve been to Morocco, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Los Angeles, and possibly – though memory fails me – Connecticut. You know what’s been common to all those visits? Amazing people! The most bootiful people in the world.

I’ll be in Toronto and Seattle and then, I think, I’ll be winding down for the year starting the middle of this month. But, not to worry, even if we can’t meet in person until 2019, there’s always more things and more Springs for the season. On Wednesday the 5th of December, on the Spring blog, I’ll debut the first episode (continuing every Wednesday of the week for 11 weeks) of the 5th season of Spring Tips. I’ll of course be doing weekly installments – going into our 8th year in the first week of January – of This Week in Spring, which runs every Tuesday (for whatever definition of Tuesday lines up with whatever timezone I’m in!) on the Spring blog as well. I’ll also be working fast-and-furious on my new book, Reactive Spring – coming soon! And, finally, this month I’ll be releasing the first episodes of a new podcast – a Bootiful Podcast – on which I’ve long been toiling. You can find it, guess where, on the Spring blog! So: watch that space.

That’s all from me! Let’s get to the good stuff, the reason for the (Spring) season, all the great content from you and the ecosystems around Spring. And, there is a ton of content!

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