VxRack Node: storcli commands not effective

Article Number: 500119 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

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Issue Description

storcli commands to set VD attributes returns successfully but the changes are not effective


Using storcli commands to set VD attributes. This can happen after a disk failure, or replacing a disk.


Some storcli commands to set VD attributes would return successfully, but upon checking, the VD attributes are not updated.

In some cases when there is a failed disk, the attributes of other VDs might change and storcli commands can’t set them.


Reduced performance.

This problem can occur in two situations:

  • RAID controller firmware has been upgraded, but the host has not been rebooted yet
  • There is preservedcache for the failed disk, which prevents the storcli commands to be effective


Use “storcli /c0 show all” to check what is the version of currently running firmware – if it’s not, reboot the host in order to load the correct firmware.

If the firmware is already running at expected version, use the following command to check preservedcache:

storcli /c0 show preservedcache 

If there is preservedcache, this command will show it, for example:

Controller = 0Status = SuccessDescription = None-----------VD State-----------4 Missing----------- 

And the VD number in the output will most likely not be present in “storcli /c0/vall show”, as it’s usually a failed disk.

Use the following command to delete preservedcache (Replace ‘#’ with the number in “VD” column in above command’s output. Based on the above example, use number ‘4’).

storcli /c0/v# delete preservedcache [force] 

After that use storcli commands to set VD attributes again.

Impacted versions

This is not a ScaleIO software issue and can affect all servers with LSI raid controllers and all versions of ScaleIO.

Fixed in version

N/A. This is not a ScaleIO issue.


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