VxRail: VSAN health test fails on performance service check due to: Stats master election

Article Number: 519626 Article Version: 10 Article Type: Break Fix

VxRail Software,VxRail Appliance Family

Upon checking the VSAN health check in Monitor > VSAN > Health area, user may see the check failed on ‘Performance service’, on ‘Stats master election’.

Health checker is not detecting the Master elected host from the nodes.

First step which can resolve this issue in some occurrences is to turn off the Performance Service in VC and Turn it back on.

(Go into the Cluster> Configure> Health and Performance> Perfomance Services> Disable Performance Service, and re-enable)

– Retest, if the Error Persists, Run the Following Commands Below to refresh the VSAN information on all the Hosts in the Cluster:

For the below steps, temporarily disable the Performance Service in VC again.

Then on the nodes, determine which node is the true VSAN master node:

esxcli vsan cluster get

-From the output of the above command on each host, find which host is elected as the VSAN master node,

-Then run the Following Commands Below:

On each host in the cluster from a ssh session run:

/etc/init.d/vsanmgmtd restart

/etc/init.d/vsanvpd restart


As a precaution, restart the above services on the Master node last, to make sure it refreshes based on all other nodes current states.

Run the following commands on the vCenter appliance via SSH (if Windows VC, use the Windows VC CLI equivalents):

-On vCenter through an ssh session restart VSAN Health:

service-control –stop vmware-vsan-health

service-control –start vmware-vsan-health

-On vCenter through an ssh session restart SPS service:

**On vCenter 6.0 appliance** run:

/etc/init.d/vmware-sps restart

**IF 6.5** use the service-control like this:

service-control –stop vmware-sps

service-control –start vmware-sps

Wait 5-10 minutes re-enable Performance Service in VC and retest


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