Error 2027 specific symptom 4 after error 7003 specific symptom 313

Dear Help Team,

SPSS has been giving me some trouble for a while, but today it wouldn’t open at all because of Error 7003 specific symptom 313. I had recently bought a new license code and updated it via the License Wizard (which says that my license is valid until February 2018). However, this code maintained. After following the previous answers on the IBM site for this problem, (i.e. delete the lservrc file and then re-run the license wizard) a new error emerged:

Error 2027 specific symptom 4.

I have also followed the online recommendations for this specific error type (i.e. alter the echoid.dat from 0x10 to 0x04 and re-run the license wizard). However, the issue maintains (same error and specific symptom).

I am currently working on a MacBook air OS El Capitan and I have the SPSS 23 version.

Can someone please help me?


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