Export query results with selection of metadata and/or facets from the Watson Explorer Content Analytics Miner

We have several “customers” for the data in our Content Analytics collection.
In the miner we have facets that display the information from the documents that each customer is interested in.

Example: One customer wants to see extracted food ingredients and amounts
Another customer wants to see the shop locations

The both have their own systems where they want to import the results of the Content Analytics.
With the export options we can specify **how** (XML, database, CSV) and sometimes **what** (CSV allows us to specify certain metadata fields and/or facets) is exported.

*My question is*: is there a way, within the Content Analytics tooling, to filter the elements that are exported based on the query ?

Right now the XML export option, exports everything always and the CSV export option exports the same selection always…

I can have only one export configuration per collection, right ?

Right now, the only approach that I see is to use the XML export option and filter out the requested elements per customer in a post-processing (java, xstl) program.

Or could I write a custom export plugin ? And create a smart filter ?


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