P2V SBS Windows 2008 Boot: Mass Storage Driver issue around SCSI IDE changes – BSOD Error 0x0000007b, 0xc0000034?

Have done tons of reading on Spiceworks & outside on P2Vs, SBS, 2008, DC related threads and made lots of notes on all Pathways & Tools & Prep: (Please see Pg 1,2,3) so you know I’ve done the homework on all ways.

Compiled Notes:

  • Currently prefer any Cold/ Offline Clone – As dont have another box, plus its safer/ better for DC to P2V offline.

Regarding BSOD Error:
From my Googling so far, It’s due to Driver mismatch between Storage device on P hardware and V hardware.


4. 0xc0000034 – This status code translates to STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND. This is the most common status code and is usually caused by a missing or corrupt driver.

enter image description here


  • Dell T410 +
  • Dell LSI Logic Controller (Shows as: Dell SAS 6/iR Adapter Controller under Win 2012 R2).

PS: SBS originally boots off LSI RAID 0, and boots even when cloned to normal MoBo attached SATA disk, but the VHD clone of that SATA disk BSODs under HyperV.


  • Hyper V 2012 R2 – Gen 1

Done several rounds of CHKDSK, Degfrag and even Defraggler + Freespace Defrag

Likely Fixes/ Solutions – Researched so far?

Figured we could add the REG fixes for AHCI, IDE, ATAPI into it, but does not seem to work.

Saw some posts about LSI / SCSI registry changes – But not sure if thats the way to go.

Your Thoughts/ Suggestions?

Other methods tried:

  • Also, the SBS Backup & Restore method in 2008, does not show any “Restore to different Hardware” Checkbox – Also, it wont allow me to Restore C-drive backup to a Expandable VHD with higher GB size.

  • SCVMM Trial, MS MVMC, Disk2VHD, Paragon, Acronis, ShadowCraft – All pretty much failed to fix this with their so called Hardware Independent Recovery & conversion mechanisms.

PS: It is SBS Premium 2008 (not OEM) (before people assume/ question or jump)

Also, we cant move to 2012 R2 as yet as bunch of Custom Apps are there on an App/ Data Server on Win 2008 and its all tightly linked.

(But down the line as the Custom apps are Chosen & replaced, 2012/16 or Zentayal may be on the cards)


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