how to add output value and conditions in the dialog node using conversation service API

is there a way to use conversation service API to create a dialog node with output response and condition like this

“dialog_nodes”: [
“go_to”: null,
“output”: {
“action”: “display_time”
“parent”: null,
“context”: null,
“created”: “2017-01-06T16:15:57.864Z”,
“updated”: “2017-01-06T16:15:57.864Z”,
“metadata”: null,
“conditions”: “#time”,
“description”: null,
“dialog_node”: “node_1_1479840416664”,
“previous_sibling”: “node_1_1479487905980”

where i found createDialogNode class only for the name of the node
class CreateDialogNode extends GenericModel {
private String dialogNode;


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