API Connect Installation on Windows 10 failed

The command ‘$ npm install -g apiconnect’ failed with

    npm ERR! code EINTEGRITY
    npm ERR! sha1-8hh5S2I6rYZ6AVWKJbBCoLB3iTI= integrity checksum failed when using sha1: wanted sha1-8hh5S2I6rYZ6AVWKJbBCoLB3iTI= but got sha1-JTfXEbldDTZphz7Pn4zH448PIug=. (26868727 bytes)

Node version v 7.10, npm version 5.0.3

I also attached the complete log file [link text][1]

  [1]: /answers/storage/temp/15819-2017-06-27t02-20-42-336z-debug.zip


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