Changing LDAP repository from Standalone to Federated

Hi All,

We are planing to change the LDAP repository from standalone to Federated for IBM BPM8.5.7.

Do we need the delete the configured standalone LDAP and then configure federated repository?

After Federated LDAP is configured then later i need to change to standalone.

The back ground for this requirement we have V8.0.1 BPM env where they first configured Federated LDAP,later they moved to standalone, because of this there was entires in LSW_USR_GRP_XREF with shaotname of name and full DN. In some of my old apps they use the code tw.system,findRoleByName(‘shortName’) and few with full dn.

Now we configured the new 8.5.7 env with standalone but tw.system,findRoleByName(‘shortName’) fails as there was no entries with short name in LSW_USR_GRP_XREF table.So in order work with old applications first we need to change the standalone to federated and then sync the roles after that again i need change the federated repository to standalone.Then we will have entries with full DN and short role name in LSW_USR_GRP_XREF table so that tw.system,findRoleByName(‘shortName’) will work even though group state is inactive.
This approach will populate data more into tables. but still we are looking for solution to make our old apps to work with out more changes.

Can any one share the reference links to do this process(Standalone -> Federated -> Standalone).


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