Custom action is successful but the batch aborts

We have a custom action which displays the email address in a separate column in the job monitor which seems to run successfully but then the batch aborts. The errors are as below:

10:35:14.422 (0) t:22BC p:25E0588 Error (385875969=hex:17000001). In CIMainAlgorithm::execute4DCO: Aborting: Action [AssignEMailData] requested abort [api source:]

10:35:14.422 (0) t:22BC p:25E0588 EXCEPTION: code=”385875969″ msg=”Aborting: Action [AssignEMailData] requested abort” loc=”CIMainAlgorithm::execute4DCO” API=””

Any help would be most appreciated,

Kind Regards, Sumone


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