CWTBG0589E: Cannot start BPD because the Snapshot or BPD is archived

Why am I getting the CWTBG0589E error: Process cannot be run in WebPD after archived a snapshot via BPMArchive command in Process Center

BPM v8.5.7 CF 201703

Perform below steps to reproduce

1. Use any of sample twx into the process center server.

2. Execute below commands in order:

a) Create a snapshot named SN1

AdminTask.BPMCreateSnapshot(“[-containerAcronym TEST -containerSnapshotName SN1 -containerSnapshotDescription ‘a test snapshot’]”)

b) Export the snapshot to a local test.twx file, C:/test.twx in this case

AdminTask.BPMExport(“[-containerAcronym TEST -containerSnapshotAcronym SN1 -containerTrackAcronym Main -outputFile C:/test.twx]”)

c) Archive the newly created SN1 from Process Center environment
AdminTask.BPMArchive(“[-containerAcronym TEST -containerSnapshotAcronym SN1 -containerTrackAcronym Main]”)

3. Open the TIP and try run a process in WebPD

4. Expected result: the process should be started correctly

Actual result: an error occur
![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/15846-cannot-start-bpd.jpg


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