docker push gives “no basic auth credentials” error

I am getting the error “no basic auth credentials” when I try to push my first image to my Bluemix repository. Can someone please review the following steps which I have performed, and advise on how fix the error? Let me know – thanks!

– I’m running Docker locally on my MacBook Pro
– bluemix login -sso –> I use the One Time Passcode generated by provided URL
– bluemix ic init
– bluemix ic namespace-get –> “ns_kevind”
– docker tag 38e5b5c76a23
– docker push

Output at this point:
The push refers to a repository []
b8e7d7728982: Preparing
fd27bde7af33: Preparing
c7fcd0724073: Preparing
5ed271242a58: Preparing
250d9a1cf86c: Preparing
3d2c0b1e59bb: Waiting
c52fa28c681b: Waiting
3d900f97fcf0: Waiting
1619c84d2b73: Waiting
**no basic auth credentials**


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