Does WKS use any predefined or standard relationship terms that must be used when annotating?

I have built a small corpus to test that I am moving in the right direction with my annotating. F1 Scores for Entity Type were .83 and for Relationships .84. OK for what I was trying to achieve. I deployed the model to NLU via Watson API Explorer to test.

Results were great for Entity – most were classified correctly in a new, similar text BUT nothing was returned for Relationships other then relationship types that I had not defined.

For example, I defined relationship types ‘AuthorOf’ or ‘AffiliatedWIth’ or ‘HasOwnershipOf’. Terms I saw getting returned: ‘AgentOf’ and ‘AffectedBy’ and ‘EventElection’.

This implies that there are a predefined set of relationship terms that could be used or indeed should be used for WKS to make ML easier?

Does such a list of std relationship types exist?



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