Getting DCSV0002W after migration in WAS

We had some WAS V7 nodes. As part of our WebSphere 8.5.5 migration we decommissioned a couple of servers without running the removeNode command. After removing the nodes we are seeing DCS errors during application startups. The below entry is being written to SystemOut logs all the time. Is there anyway to curb this or to remove the node through a workaround process? Please let us know. Thanks

[6/29/17 20:10:26:047 CDT] 00000008 QueueTHandler W DCSV0002W: DCS Stack DefaultCoreGroup at Member CareCellNode01Pr09876: An unexpected internal programming state has occurred. Internal details: “Can’t open Async QueueT because DCS got null member address from the AddressResolver” {Method=QueueTHandler.openQTonIpPort(), PtpRmmNode=PtpRmmNode|CareCellNode01Pr09876|null|2, TopicName=[B@282f282f} . The exception is .


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