Help with SPSS Modeler – Twitter Data and JSON Node


I’m currently doing some research at university and have some Twitter data that I need to analyse. The data is about influenza and there is an article about it here (the actual link to the data is located at the bottom of the page):

I downloaded the data and am trying to analyse it using the JSON reader node in SPSS Modeler using this tutorial: and

I have downloaded the Read JSON module and I am very certain that I have installed all the related packages correctly. The problem is that I am unable to read the data. Specifically, I am unsure of what to place in the “Specified path to an array” field in the Read JSON File module and what to place in the user input module.

Here is an album of screenshots showing what I am doing in SPSS Modeler:
Can somebody please help me fix this issue? Please note that I do not have any coding skills which is why I am using Modeler instead of Python.

Any help would be appreciated.


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