How PowerVC manage VLAN’s on the SEA?

Hello expert,

I have one question regarding how PowerVC create a new VLAN on the SEA.
For example, Initially i have a SEA with one physical adapter(trunk mode at the switch port, PVID=1) and one trunk virtual adapter(PVID 1, VLAN 2), so i have two VLAN’s till now, VLAN 1 and VLAN 2.

After that, if i create a new network with VLAN 3 in PowerVC, how PowerVC deal with the SEA ? Will it create and add a new trunk virtual adapter to the previous SEA ? If so, the VID of the new trunk virtual adapter will be 3, but what will be the PVID of the new trunk virtual adapter ? How does it know which VLAN ID shoud be throw away and will not be used in my environment.

BTW, can i define all the necessary VLAN’s on the SEA in advance?

Thank you very much.


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