How to fix issues with missing files during ODM 8.9 IM installation?

I’m experiencing problems installing IBM Operational Decision Manager
(WODM) 8.9, using the IM installer on Windows. the IM complains and gives me the following errors:

CRIM1020E: plug-in not found
CRIMC1017E: Failed to locate plug-in

I’ve downloaded the install packages using our passport advantages account..
I’ve also sent the IM installer to get the files directly from the IBM
repository. Still tells complains about this two errors.

It also complains about inconsistencies with the MD5 hash. Has anyone faced
this types of issues with WODM installations, if so what are the work-around to get it installed.

Thank You Kindly,

Carlos Flores

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/16823-wodmerror.png


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