How would I go about utilizing IoT Foundation and MessageHub for real time analytics?

I was utilizing this blog post and was wondering if replacing the mobility manager with a big data analytics platform such as Apache Flink or Apache Spark Streaming and then sending, in real time, those results back to the devices would be a practical use for this architecture. Also would this be scalable to 10s of thousands of mobile devices if necessary? The general workflow would be as follows to make my intent clear:

Mobiles (devices) Bluemix IoT foundation MQTT-Kafka Bridge Bluemix Message Hub Apache Flink/Spark Streaming/Streaming Analytics Bluemix Service

Would the above flow be a practical use for a use case of:
Many users need to supply gyroscopic data to a single platform that then computes statistics across users and returns results to specific users based on the group as a whole.


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