icc sharepoint stubbed links appearance

We are testing the creation of SharePoint (2013) links (stubs) in our environment for use with a client using ICC (4.0.1 fp5). Link (stub) creation appears to be working. Items that are stubbed change to document link type documents and the migrated flag and information is populated.

The issue we are seeing is that stubbed content does not appear to change appearance in any way (stubbed items appear the same as non-stubbed items) in the SharePoint site.

Is there a way to alter stub text or otherwise change the display of linked document types in SharePoint to provide a visual indicator that stubbing has occurred? I can display the migrated column in each site as a workaround, however, I thought there was a way to change stub text (e.g. adding Archived by ICC) like we can with email stubbing. Thanks in advance for your help!


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