Need clarification for SCCM deployment of SPSS 24


We plan on using SCCM to make SPSS 24 Campus Edition available to our faculty and staff via Software Center. Here’s the command line that I’ve edited in the SMS file:

CommandLine English (United States) = msiexec /qn /I “IBM SPSS Statistics 24.msi” LICENSETYPE=”Network” LSHOST=”SERVER” DISABLE_COMMUTE=1 INSTALLPYTHON=1 TRANSFORMS=1033.mst

1. If I’ve edited the SMS file to include the above command line, does using “IBM SPSS Statistics 24.msi” (with no additional switches) as the installation program in SCCM invoke that SMS file and apply those configurations automatically? I ask because I’m accustomed to adding those types of command line switches in SCCM’s Create Application Wizard, like so:
![alt text][1]
2. Should I delete the CommandLines for all of the other languages? Does it matter?
3. I ran the command line (sans “CommandLine English (United States) =”) and it installed silently, and installed the Python components. But, it still installed Commuter License and License Authorization Wizard. I was able to confirm from the license server that my machine is indeed connected to the license server (as it should be). Did I do something wrong in regards to the license/commuter license part?

We’ve never used SCCM to deploy SPSS, so I wanted to make sure I get this right. Thanks for reading!

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/17650-spss.jpg


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