Problem installing the “Machine Learning Analytics” app extension.

I’m on “v7.3.0 Build 20170315023309 patched to 7.3.0 Build 20170620100024”.
I’m attempting to install the “Machine Learning Analytics” package.

I’m receiving this error:
Jun 28 12:25:34 ::ffff: x.x.x.x [tomcat.tomcat] [pool-1-thread-6] com.q1labs.core.cmt.utils.AppFrameworkAPIClient: [ERROR] [NOT:0000003000][x.x.x.x/- -] [-/- -]Failed to install application from zip [/store/tmp/cmt/out/Machine_Learning_Analytics/ubaMLApp-Export-201704071508/] with response code [422].

Any guidance is appreciated.



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