Problematic data after fixup

i have the rule “CountPagesToBatch1” ( see rule) rrSet(@B.CombinedExpected1+@CHR(44)+@D.Expected_Pages,@B.CombinedExpected1) CountPagesToBatch1, to write in batch level @B.CombinedExpected1 and similar for the @B.CombinedReal. When there is a problem, the batch is going to fixup ( see fixup, result, @B.CombinedReal=,13,6 and @B.CombinedReal=,13,7) . then i am fixing the problem and the batch is running from the task profile again. The problem is that the new values for @B.CombinedReal and @B.CombinedExpected1 should be 13,7 for each one but is for @B.CombinedReal=,13,6,13,7 and @B.CombinedReal=,13,7,13,7 ( see new values after fixup) .. is keeping the old values. what i have to change in order to get the correct values only.

![alt text][1]
![alt text][2]
![alt text][3]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/17628-rule.jpg
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/17629-fixup.jpg
[3]: /answers/storage/temp/17630-new-values-after-fixup.jpg


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