Product upgrade installed a second instance of the DE, causing upgrade failure.

The Deployment Engine should only have one instance installed on a server with IBM products installed. In this case, a second DE was installed, which caused the failure of the Product upgrade.
Error: Wrong Deployment Engine.

Product install failed. You will get a message similar to this:
You are updating an instance of (Product name) that was installed using
the Tivoli Deployment Engine (DE) located at “/home/nc_admin/.acsi_FQDN”.
However you are now using the DE located at “/home/nc_admin/.acsi_HOSTNAME”.

When the DE is installed as non-root ( in this case nc_admin ), it will install the DE in the user home directory, in this case /home/nc_admin, and use the FQDN in the name: /home/nc_admin/.acsi_FQDN


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