QRadar API sample deprecated

So i have started looking into writing a number of scripts to help us automate some searches in Qradar using the API.

I downloaded the Ariel workflow sample from IBM Security Github page.
( https://github.com/ibm-security-intelligence/api-samples/tree/master/ariel )

When using more or less the default sample ( 03_ArielAPISearchWorkFlow.py ) i perform a search but i get this message alongside the results :

WARNING: The version of the endpoint is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future release. Please see the API documentation for any recommended alternatives.

Does this mean this sample is basically becoming irrelevant ?( even though on the bottom of the page it does say that the samples have been updated to use the latest version of Ariel V3 )

If this is indeed the case should i be looking somewhere else for code samples? ( i am novice ‘coder’ so i try to get working samples and adjust them to my needs, at the moment basically what i need is a script where i can provide an AQL query and it will return the results in csv)


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