Unable to install PASW 18 GradPack on a new Computer,Unable to reinstall PASW 18 on a new hard drive

Hi….I bought PASW couple of years ago and installed PASW 18 on a computer, which I no longer have due to a screen malfunction and hard drive crash a year or so ago. I tried recently to install it on a new computer; however, it won’t let me install it and it says that I used the license. I no longer have any of the laptops that I installed the software on. Can you please help?,I purchased PASW 18 GradPack (SPSS) couple of years ago and I installed it on a computer. The hard drive crashed and I bought a new computer and wanted to install the software on the new computer. It says that I cannot install the software. I don’t have any of the computers that I installed it on and cannot install it on the new computer. Can you please help?


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