Watson conversation user input append to webservice call

Hi ,

We got a requirement to create a service ticket based on user details in watson conversation.
User will enter his name and id and ask us to create a ticket using conversation chatbot.
We have created a chatbot and collecting user details to create ticket, when user enter his name and id we should call a webservice with user details, then web service will update the details in a text file and send it to other team for ticket creation , once the team creates a ticket it will be updated to text file with incident details.
We have one webserive which will read the ticket details from text file.
1) i want to know how to invoke web service when user enters input.
i have tried blow mechanism but its not working, i have added “url_to_invoke”: “your_url ” as my web service require user details. in JSON editor its showing url to invoke details but its not invoking the url.

Please let me know the other possible solution to invoke web service and append user details ,
“output”: {},
“context”: {
“request”: {
“args”: {
“url_to_invoke”: “your_url”
“name”: “Call_A_URL”,
“result”: “context.response”
“skip_user_input”: true

1. How to export data from webservice and print it in chatbot.

Please let us know the best possible ways to achieve above tasks.


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