Why do I see a server shutdown after a HMGR0117E exception?

In my WAS ND v8.5.x environment I see the following kind of exception:

[6/1/17 10:15:54:239 CEST] 00000019 HAManagerImpl E HMGR0117E: Quorum on group
IBM_hc=test_portal,WSAF_SIB_BUS=Testbus,WSAF_SIB_MESSAGING_ENGINE=test_portal.001-Testbus,type=WSAF_SIB with members [Lcom.ibm.wsspi.hamanager.GroupMemberId;@7b9df9a8 has been lost and the process contains active HA Group members. The process must be terminated.
[6/1/17 10:15:54:242 CEST] 00000019 SystemOut O Panic:Active members and lost quorum

Directly after that message I noticed that the server was shut down. Do you know why?


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