Why Im not able to assign the roles in DASH ?

When I want to save the role assignments to users in DASH I get “The system is in maintenance mode. Please contact your administrator or try again later.” .

SystemOut.log :

6/27/17 9:23:41:080 EDT] 000000f4 RepositoryMan 1 com.ibm.isc.ha.runtime.RepositoryManagerFactory rollbackTransaction Not in transaction. Empty rollback!
[6/27/17 9:23:41:080 EDT] 000000f4 AbstractSecur W AbstractSecurityServiceImpl updateUserRoles com.ibm.isc.ha.runtime.RepositoryException
at com.ibm.isc.ha.runtime.RepositoryManagerFactory.beginTransaction(RepositoryManagerFactory.java:93)
at com.ibm.isclite.service.security.AbstractSecurityServiceImpl.updateUserRoles(AbstractSecurityServiceImpl.java:1707)
at com.ibm.isclite.portlet.manageusersgroups.ManageUsersPortlet.updateRoles(ManageUsersPortlet.java:475)

The system is not part of a HA solution /cluster .


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