Learning template – How to configure Page ID and settings.ini for multiple documents

I have a serious problem and I need urgently your help . I have 2 documents ( T1 Form ( 4 pages) and T8 Form ( 2 pages) and each page has 1-10 different fields. I am using a learning template and I create two documents named T1 and T8 With main_page and trailing_page for each one . for the T1 I have put 20 field in main_page and for t8 I have put 10 different fields in main_page ( see pageid)

I will appreciate if you tell me how to configure **pageid** and **settings.ini** for multiple documents because it recognizes also the 2nd document (T8Form) as the 1st one (T1 Form) see profiler![alt text][1]
I want when it finds the t1form use the mainpage of t1 and when finds the t8form will use the main_page for t8 form

thanks in advance

![alt text][2]

![alt text][3]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/12304-profiler.jpg
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/12305-pageid.jpg
[3]: /answers/storage/temp/12306-settings.jpg


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