EDB to PST Converter Open Source – Here You Go!

Are you looking for an open source EDB to PST Converter tool? Want to download it for free? Did not find perfect match till now? No need to worry. Here, we have come up with a proper solution for the same.

EDB to PST Converter EDB to PST Converter

Microsoft Exchange Server is really popular among the users and storecomplete mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc., in EDBfile format. But there are some situations in which it becomes littledifficult for the users to access Exchange database EDB file. It canbe due to any reason like corruption in database, Exchange Server isunder maintenance, moving to some other platform, etc.

In these scenarios, users are start searching for some solution tohave permanent and easy access to Exchange mailbox data. Therefore,one of the reliable way of overcoming this is convert EDB to PSTformat. Now, as it stores crucial information in it so, conversionprocess needs to carried without any loss of data. After this, thevery first question that strikes in user’s mind is how to do thesame. This is the reason user’s want open source EDB to PSTConverter. Considering this requirement, we have discussed a free EDBto PST Converter that you can easily download and use directly.

What Makes User’s Look for Free EDB to PST Converter Tool?

Before converting Exchange database file to some other file format,it is important to understand when it will be beneficial. To knowabout the same, continue reading the section below:

  • It might be possible that MS Exchange Server is under Maintenance and will take long to get completed. In this situation, even Exchange will be unable to perform any task.
  • Your organization is moving from Exchange Server to some other platform.
  • You simply want to backup / move / transfer Exchange data on local machine or to another place.

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Apart from this, there is one more major reason behind it i.e.,corruption in Exchange database file. In order to recover EDB file,you need to convert it to PST format. Here, some of the possiblereasons behind damaged Exchange database file:

  • Whenever there is some technical fault in internet connectivity or there is a sudden power shutdown, Exchange shutdown abnormally resulting corruption in database.
  • Whenever there is Exchange Server downtime, there is possibility some unwanted errors. For example, virus attack or hardware failure, breakdown of Exchange information store, JET engine error, and many more.

An Open Source EDB to PST Converter Tool : Try It Before Buying It!

SysTools EDB to PST open sourceis one of the popular application that can let you all export Exchange mailbox data. A user can convert emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc., from EDB to PST format in a few simple clicks. The software is designed in a manner that it supports EDB file of all version of Exchange Server. In addition, if a user wants, he or she can export selective data items from Exchange data to PST format via date-based and category filter.

Features of EDB to PST Converter Open Tool

  • Export offline EDB mailbox to Outlook PST format
  • Capable to convert public folders and private mailboxes to PST format
  • Provide preview of EDB file data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Allows to export even corrupted or damaged EDB files to PST data format
  • Remove SMIME / OpenPGP encryption from emails in EDB file
  • Compatible with all Exchange Server, Outlook & Windows versions

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Try the demo of Free version of EDB to PST Converter. The software will export only first 25 items per folder. When you get satisfied with the working of the tool, you can activate the software with licensed version and have to complete access to it.


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