MQ on Windows: Application fails putting message to queue, FDC with probe id XY129005 is generated.

At the time the application fails to put the message, the following FDC is generated for the queue manager:

Probe Id :- XY129005
Component :- xstConnectExtent
Major Errorcode :- xecF_E_UNEXPECTED_SYSTEM_RC
Minor Errorcode :- OK
Probe Type :- MSGAMQ6119
Probe Severity :- 2
Probe Description :- AMQ6119: An internal WebSphere MQ error has
(Failed to attach shared memory map: Handle(00000678) ?rc=536895769 errorCode=8?)
Arith1 :- 536895769 20006119
Arith2 :- 8 8
Comment1 :- Failed to attach shared memory map: Handle(00000678) rc=536895769
Comment2 :- Not enough storage is available to process this command.


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