Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARCS) – May 2017 Update

Monthly Update Schedule:

We would like to inform you of the upcoming monthly update for your Oracle Cloud environments. We will apply the latest updates to your test environment on Friday, May 5, 2017 and to your production environment on Friday, May 19, 2017. The update will be applied during your normal daily maintenance window.


    • File-Based Integration of Data Management with Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud – Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting is now fully integrated with Data Management. This enhancement brings the integration of Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud on par with the current file-based integration. As a result, the file-based integration will be phased out starting the September update to the service.

    If you are using file-based integration between Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, Oracle recommends that you adopt this new integration as soon as possible.

      • New EPM Automate Utility Transaction Matching Commands Available – A new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available with this update. This version includes the following Transaction Matching related commands:
        • importtmpremappedbalances, which imports pre-mapped balances data from a file in Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud repository into Transaction Matching
        • importtmpremappedtransactions, which imports pre-mapped transactions data from a file in Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud repository into Transaction Matching
        • runautomatch, which runs the Auto Match process to match transactions using the rules defined by a Service Administrator.
      • Sample and New Application Now Available – Account Reconciliation Cloud now allows you to create a sample or new application. The sample application provides pre-loaded sample data and related artifacts, enabling you to try different operations. Using this out-of-box environment, you can explore the capabilities and performance of Account Reconciliation Cloud to get familiar with the functionality enabling you to more easily work with the service once you are ready. You can also create a new application and then load your own data, either manually or using a flat file. This can also be used with migration functionality to bring in a previously saved backup snapshot.

      Reconciliation Compliance New Features:

      • Support for Variance Analysis Reconciliation Method
      • New Date Calculation Functions Added
      • Enhanced User Experience

      Transaction Matching New Features :

      • Predefined and Custom Reports Now Available
      • New Daily Statistics by Reconciliation Type Dashboard Available
      • Configurable Adjustment and Support Transaction Types Now Available
      • Performance Enhancements for Data Load and Auto Match Tasks
      • Locking Enhancement for Data Load and Auto Match

      Defects Fixed:

      • 25165286 – Under certain circumstances, not all attributes specified in a Reconciliation Format were displayed in the deployed reconciliation.


      • When using EPM Automate, log out and log in again after importing a Financial Close Management (FCM) snapshot to refresh the icons on the Home page.
      • You may receive inaccurate messages from Navigator if pop-up blockers are enabled. Disable pop-up blockers in your browser to avoid this.
      • In the Academy, some pages and icons may appear different in the video and the Cloud service.

      Refer to the following links and documents for further information:

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