PCS and MCS Workshop in Los Angeles Tuesday May 9th

Please join Oracle on Tuesday May 9th for a Process Cloud, Integration Cloud and Mobile Cloud Service Workshop.

This workshop is designed to give you the customer a chance to “test drive” the new “BPM in the Cloud”, the new Integration Cloud Service and the Mobile Cloud Service Technology from Oracle.

Oracle Process Cloud Service empowers Line of Business and Process Designers to rapidly build, customize and change custom business applications in a collaborative manner. Oracle Process Cloud Service allows you to rapidly automate business processes in the cloud.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service helps developers define mobile APIs and build mobile apps that connect to enterprise systems quickly and securely. It provides line of business managers with the deep analytics needed to make smart, data driven decisions. As one of Oracle’s premier Cloud Platform Services, Oracle MCS links mobile developers with enterprise data sources and empowers them to create engaging mobile experiences in a simple, intuitive manner.

Requirements for this Workshop:

1.To confirm your attendance at this Event, please email gwen.richardson@oracle.com

2.Prior to attending you must create an Account on the Oracle Website. You can do this by going to www.oracle.com and click Sign In/Register at the top left of the page. Please use your work email and make note of your password. You will need to use the password the day of the workshop.

*** Laptops will be provided ***


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