Trip Report: NetBeans Day India 2017

NetBeans Day India was held yesterday in Bangalore, hosted by BlueJeans. Not only did BlueJeans give us a location, but food and drinks as well, which was great!

The program was announced here, with thanks to Vaibhav Choudhary, for organizing the event:

Attendance was good, the room was mostly full, which was especially great since it is a long weekend, with Monday being a public holiday. Sessions focused on Java as well as JavaScript, frontend and backend, all via NetBeans IDE. Below, you see Gaurav Gupta, from Payara, the developer behind the Jeddict project, a code generator for Java EE as well as Angular, which he presented with demos in NetBeans IDE. Other sessions included a focus on enterprise JavaScript, via Oracle JET, hybrid mobile development, and Node.js, presented by myself and my local colleagues Rohit Dhamija and Abhinav Shroff.

The move of NetBeans to Apache was a big theme of the event, with in my opinion this being the Tweet of the day, including a nice pic of Ivar Grimstad, from the JCP Executive Committee, who did a session on MVC 1.0 with NetBeans IDE:

A definite highlight was the presence of Sharad Medhavi, Oracle Senior Director, seen next to me below, who announced that Oracle is actively building a team of Apache NetBeans developers at the local Oracle office.

Two of those to join Sharad’s local NetBeans team have already been hired, and were present too, Reema Taneja and Arunava Sinha. Looking forward to that team getting bigger, some of the attendees indicated an interest in this. Just think, Oracle will be paying developers fulltime to commit code to Apache NetBeans.

Another highlight was the presence of four NetBeans Dream Team members: Aatul Palandurkar, Tushar Joshi, Ivar Grimstad, and Gaurav Gupta, here eating lunch together below:

It was a great event, many thanks to everybody involved, and hope it was enjoyable and informative for everyone who attended!


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