YouTube: Two Minute NetBeans Tip #1

I realized again, during the recent NetBeans Days in Athens, London, and Bangalore, that everyone appreciates quick NetBeans tips. In London, Mark and Zain provided those tips, in Athens it was Bethan and Georgia, while in Bangalore Aatul and Tushar did the honors. And, in each of those cases, the result was great and useful.

So, I’m starting a new YouTube series on that topic, hopefully one a week, and to make it as simple and doable as possible am constraining it to literally two minutes, focused on one very specific and focused tip, which means that it takes about 15 minutes in total to produce, so I really have no excuse.

Drum roll… two minute NetBeans tips, part 1:

The above tip comes from the NetBeans Day London session by Zain and Mark, supplemented by some specifics whispered in my ear by Vladimir, who was sitting next to me during the session.

Direct link to the above:


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