Polycom SoundPoint IP 4000 won’t power on. How to isolate power supply?

I have a Polycom SoundPoint IP 4000 SIP conference phone that has sat unused in a box for a number of years.

Today, I pulled it out of the box and powered it on with the conference power supply only to find that the speaker clicks, the red LEDs blink intermittently and the display shows a series of black lines as if there is a problem powering the unit.

My question is, how can I isolate the power supply? I’ve replaced all cables with the exception of the wall transformer and the power supply itself.

Can I power this device over standard POE, for example, to see if the power supply has gone south or if it’s the entire unit?

I tried powering it with the power supply from an IP 601 and it didn’t respond at all.

Thanks in advance for any advice on narrowing down which part(s) have failed here.


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