Problem with 2 versions of WAS installation in the same system.Need help

I have upgraded my machine from Windows 8 to WIndows10. I need both WAS 7 and WAS8 in my system. I installed WAS8.5.5.11 first and then WAS7 , but I can see from the windows service that the Cellmanager1 is created for both whereas the people who have installed WAS7 first and then WAS8.5.5.11 , they have 2 services for the cellManager, cellManager1 for WAS7 and cellManager2 for WAS8. I cannot even open the admin console for WAS7. Is there a way I can create differenet cellManagers for the 2 installations or I would have to uninstall both and then reinstall in the reverse order, WAS7 first and then WAS8?


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