Reverse DNS and Mailserver and self generated certificates

this is my first question here, so don’t kill me if it sounds stupid.

I don’t know much about server administration, that’s why we booked a managed server to host our clients.

So far we have been to setup most of it but I am concerned about the Mailserver setup.

Wer are unable to change the reverse dns of the server. It uses a generic name such as and I am worried that the generic reverse dns server will lead to email rejections due to bad reputation as so many people are using the same reverse dns.

We do have our own dedicated ip adress and the option to book more.

I have seen that some agencies change the reverse dns to something like and they also have the Mailserver for clients set up like this :

I’m wondering how the hostname, reverse dns and Mailserver work actually work together and how to set them up together to work in harmony.

I’ve tried to set the Mailserver for client domains to but then I had a mismatch with the hostname and the certificate name since the 2 are different. Also, plesk comes with a self generated certificate by rapid SSL for the hostname. Can I keep it or do I have to purchase my own certificate to ensure reliable transmission of email.

How can I achieve a reliable Mailserver setup for my clients?

Thanks so much for your help


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