Scheduled task does not run on WIndows 2003 server on VMWare unattened, runs fine otherwise

Scheduled task does not run on Windows 2003 server on VMWare. The same setup runs fine on standalone server.

Test below explains the problem. We really need to run a more complex bat file, but this shows the issue.

I have a bat file that copies a file from server A to server B. I use full path name, no drive mapping.

Runs fine on server B from command prompt.

I created a task that runs this bat file under a domain id with password that is part of administrator group on both servers. Task runs fine from Scheduled task screen, and as a scheduled task as long as somebody is logged into the server. If nobody is logged in, the task does not run. There is no error message in Task Scheduler log, just an entry that the task started, bit no entry for finish or an error code.

To add insult to injury, if the task copies a file in the opposite direction, from server B to server A, it runs fine as a scheduled unattended task.

If I copy a file from server B to server B, the task also runs fine unattended,

I recreated exactly the same setup on a standalone server. No issues at all.

I checked obvious things like the task has “run only as logged in” unchecked, domain id has run as a batch job privilege and logon rights, Task Scheduler service runs as a local system, automatic start.

Any suggestions?


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